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Geodesic Canoe Prepared for Life

Training Schedule

The opportunities to safely ride in southern New Hampshire are extensive. To achieve our objective for covering long distances and seeing great sights, we are persuing a training schedule. Scouts who wish to participate in the "big" challenges will need to train properly.

The once a week rides scheduled below are not sufficient on their own. Scouts will need to spend time of their own (with family and friends). The dates below are tentive, subject to Mr. Hubert's availability.

Keep your eyes open for schedule updates and email notices. We need to plan a couple of weekend rides as we build up toward our NYC trip. At the same time, keep an eye on the condition of your bicycles. As our mileage increases you may find the bicycle needs tuning.

  • June 9 (5+ Miles)
  • June 16 (7+ Miles)
  • June 23   (Cancelled due to Thunderstorm)
  • June 30 (13 Miles) Windham-Derry
  • July 9 (6 Miles) Mine Falls
  • July 13 Nashua River
  • July 21 No Ride - T25 at Camp
  • August 11th Lowell Rail Trail (await email from Mr. Hubert to confirm.

Cycling Nothing New for Troop 25!

On the home page of our site is a photograph borrowed from "Reflections", a book celebrating the history of Pelham, NH. I think it is strinking that the scouts in 1936 wanted to be seen on their bicycles. How appropriate for us now to follow in their tracks!

The minimum requirement for each scout to participate is very simple. Each scout needs a bicycle with working brakes, a helmet, source of water, and a willingness to learn. If your scout does not have an adequate bicyle it is possible that a donated bike might be found. Also, affordable bicyles are often found in used condition. Don't think you need to buy a $500 bicycle for your scout to particpate.

What Are Our Goals?

Participating scouts will have an opportunity for some high adventure this fall. We are hoping to firm up plans for a trip to NYC and a ride on the Hudson River Greeway from the Battery to the George Washington Bridge. This is a dedicated trail for cyclists and pedestrains. Alternatively, we may ride/camp on the Cape.

Benefits of this adventure include opportunities to forge new and deeper friendships, gain self-confidence through self-sufficiency improved fitness, increased strength and stamina, and possibly earning both the Cycling merit badge and the National Outdoor Achievement award for Riding.

The In the process of training for this adventure we are going to have fun. For example, no ride should end without a treat and I know the location of MANY ice cream vendors!

Update on NYC Ride

A tentative reservation for Labor Day Weekend has been entered in the Greater New York City Council site for Camp William H. Pouch. Scouts and families will receive email regarding the event including a survey to determine interest in various opportunties.

In order to participate scouts MUST complete at least 50% of the scheduled rides or provide evidence that they have logged sufficient miles and complete an interview with trip organizers. In addition, scout parents must complete an Activity Consent Form as well as current versions of BSA Medical Form Parts A and B. Finally, the cost of the trip has not yet been estimated. It would be prudent to estimate $100 per scout. The final cost may be a little more or less depending on activities selected.

Current Status

You can monitor this column for our most recent status updates.

  • We completed our first assessment meet-up at the Pelham Elementary School.
  • We have scheduled our first trail ride for Tuesday June 9 on the Windham/Derry Rail Trail.
  • Our next steps are to provide another assesment opportunity for scouts who missed the first ride.
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